Frequently Asked Questions

payit provides Digital Financial Services to individual and businesses in Africa through AI, web, bank account, USSD, POS, QR Code, e-Wallet and other alternative channels.
Shuri is a payit's multi-language chatbot that provides Digital Financial Services to individual and businesses in Africa through chat (English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa & French).
Chat with Shuri in any of the below format to help create an account in your preferred language:
  1. Create an account for me.
  2. Help me signup on payit.
  3. I need an account on payit.
  4. @signup, @register.
topup airtime, pay bills, send money, get loan, shuri savings, get shuri card, receive payments from your customers via PayMe Link, e-invoice, websites/apps and create free e-commerce to sell your products online and much more via ` and voice messaging.
It's simple, Shuri is your new BFF that is on social media platform, you can chat with her like you did with your friends.
You can ask shuri to topup airtime for you, friends and family.
Also, you can chat with Shuri as follows:
  1. Buy me 100 Naira airtime.
  2. Recharge 200 Naira MTN airtime to my Mum.
  3. Load GLO 500 Naira to 08104674185.
  4. @airtime.
You can ask Shuri to make money transfer for you to any bank account in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, South Africa and wallet account. You may also specify what type of transfer you want to perform e.g. Wallet transfer or Bank transfer.
You can chat with Shuri to make money transfer for you in any of the below format.
  1. I want to send money to another bank.
  2. I want to send money to another persons's wallet.
  3. I want to send money to Ghana.
  4. @transfer, @banktranfer, @moneytransfer.
With Shuri, you can pay for your DSTV, GOTV, Startime, CONSAT & KWESE subscription easily.
Shuri will ask for your SmartCard or ICU number with other information to complete the transaction.
All you have to do is to chat with her in one of the following format:
  1. Pay my DSTV subscription for me.
  2. Subscribe GOTV Account for my daughter.
  3. Pay Startime Subscription for mum.
  4. @TV, @DSTV, @GOTV, @Startimes, etc.
Shuri can help you pay for your AEDC, IKEDC, JEDC, PHEDC, KEDCO, etc
Shuri will ask for your meter information to perform this transaction and you are good to go
You can chat with Shuri for your electricity bills in one of these formats:
  1. Pay for my Electricity Bills.
  2. Shuri recharge my electricity meter for me.
  3. @electricity, @AEDC, @YEDC, @IBEDC, etc.
Ask Shuri to pay Internet bills like SMILE, NTEL, SPECTRANET, iPNX, etc on your behalf and you will be required to enter some information concerning the transaction and you are done.
You can chat with Shuri in one of the following formats:
  1. Pay Internet Bills.
  2. Renew my Internet Subscription.
  3. @internet, @NTEL, @SMILE, @SPECTRANET, etc.
You can receive payment from your customers or friends by using one of the below format:
Shuri will ask for necessary information in seconds to complete your request
  1. Create a PayMe Link. (Get payment from your customer, you sell products on social media, raising funds for an event, etc. Simply use payit PayMe Link.)
  2. Create Invoice. (Send Invoice to your Customers or Clients and get payment directly into your account.)
  3. Create free e-commerce Store. (Get free online store to sell your products and services. Isn't that amazing?)
  4. Send Payment API for me. (Shuri will send you guidelines on how to integrate with our simple API on website or apps today and start receiving payments from anywhere in the world.)
  5. @API, @invoice, @store, @PayMe Link, @payment API, etc.
You can also contact us for payment services, through phone call; +234 812 222 8745 or send us an email at hello at
Simply ask Shuri in any of the below format and get your account balance
  1. Check my account balance for me.
  2. How much do I have left in my account?
  3. My Balance?
  4. @Balance, @bal.
Shuri can perform your transaction without having account since you will be using card but if you want to sign in.
Shuri can sign you in once and for all; Ask her to sign you in one of these formats:
  1. I need to login into my account.
  2. Log me into my account.
  3. Sign me in to my account.
  4. @login or @signin.
Chatting with Shuri to perform transaction is free, but we charge a convenience fee on some transaction like bills payment, money transfer to banks and transaction fee for receiving payments.
Shuri currently supports all banks in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Niger and South Africa since the payments are made through cards and wallets.
By Anyone, Anytime, Anyday and Anywhere in the world.
Setting up recurring means that you can tell shuri to manage your expenditures on Bills payment periodically. For example, you can tell Shuri to setup recurring payment on Airtime, bills payment, Send Money every day, every week, or every month. Isn't that amazing? Shuri beats any other AI payments services in africa by setting up recurring in any of our services.
You can Ask shuri to setup recurring services for you in one of these formats:
  1. Setup Airtime Recurring.
  2. Bills Recurring.
  3. Send Money Recurring.
  4. @recurring, @bill recurring, @airtime recurring, etc
To become a Merchant on payit, just chat with shuri in one of the following format:
  1. Sign me up as a Merchant.
  2. Become a Merchant.
  3. I would like to become a Merchant on payit.
N.B. To be able to pay a merchant, the merchant must be a registered payit merchant through Shuri or any other available channel on payit. To pay a merchant, chat with Shuri in one of these commands or format:
  1. Pay Merchant.
  2. I want to pay a merchant on payit.
  3. @LCC, @Air Peace, @DSTV, @CivicLab, @BodyRox Fitness, etc.
You can now apply for a loan without a paper work, no visitation to any physical location, no processing fees, available 24/7 across Nigeria, low interest rate and get loan within minutes. You can borrow as much as N200,000 (Two hundred thousand naira) without any collateral.
To request for a loan, chat with Shuri in one of these commands or format:
  1. I need a loan of 30k.
  2. Lend me some amount of money.
  3. @loan, @borrow.

Beyond Bank Card.

The card is connected to your payit account. It is accepted at over 13,000 ATMs and 150,000 POS terminals across the country. You can use it on local and international websites to make payments for goods and services.
With the Shuri card, you are entitled to get discounts at various events, airlines, hotels, cinemas, fuel stations, supermarkets and lots more. You can also connect the card to your several existing bank accounts, your Shuri personal card is simply amazing to use anywhere and anytime.
To request for a card, chat with Shuri in one of these commands or format:
  1. I need a personal card.
  2. I need a card.
  3. @card, @personalcard.
The card is securely designed. If it gets lost, you can tell Shuri to block it or unblock the card anytime. If not found, you can simply order for a replacement.
If you think your PIN is compromised. Simply tell Shuri to reset the PIN or reset it at the nearest ATM.
To block, unblock or rest your card PIN, chat with Shuri in one of these commands or format:
  1. Block my Shuri Card.
  2. Unblock my Shuri Card.
  3. Reset my Card PIN.

Save Money Conveniently with Shuri.

Either you are saving for house rent, buying a new car, school fees, wedding or next holiday or other plans. Shuri makes it easy for you to save money.
Shuri Savings is designed to be convenient for you to save money. It allows you to automate your daily, weekly and monthly savings. It also allows you to have a monthly, quarterly and yearly saving plans.
You can ask Shuri to withdraw or use your savings for you anytime you need your money.
You can earn up to 10 % to 15% PA interest over time as you save more on your Shuri Savings.
To save money, chat with Shuri in one of these commands or format:
  1. Save Money.
  2. Add money to my account.
  3. @savings.